About BriarMade

Hello! My name is Briar Levit. I hold a Masters in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UK) and a BA in Graphic Design from San Francisco State University. I started BriarMade, in 2006, while simultaneously art directing Bitch magazine. These days my focus is BriarMade and teaching design at Portland State University.My goal is to design the best visual solutions as well as the greenest, from format through production.

Some fun facts: During my tenure as a designer, I have enjoyed living almost exclusively in places with names ending in -land: Oakland, England and now, Portland. When not creating printed matter in one form or another, I like to walk with my miniature, but ever-so-rugged dogs at the Columbia Gorge. Beyond that, you’ll find me combing through the thrift store treasures or basking in the sounds of Gabriel-era Genesis, Miles Davis, Aphex Twin and more.

Principal, BriarMade
Instructor, Portland State University

Art Director, Bitch Magazine
Graphic Designer, Madeleine Corson Design
Graphic Designer, Weldon Owen Publishing
Graphic Designer, Discovery Channel Retail

MA, Communication Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design
BA, Industrial Arts, Graphic Design emphasis, San Francisco State University


One response to “About BriarMade

  1. Personal bias aside, this website is getting better and better. It is genuinely fun to just browse cuz the content, while all relevant to your work, is diverse and interesting. Keep it up!

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