Exquisite vintage wrapping paper



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Tyson occupies my work table.

How do you say ‘bitch’ in Hebrew?

This was for a little zine the crew at Bitch magazine made together called Bitchlet. I love the word for ‘bitch’ in Russian—Suka—so I thought it would be fun to find out what it is in other languages. Please note the disclaimer at the bottom.


Oldie but goodie: ‘The Consumed issue’

Came across this while doing some organizing. We had a lot of fun on the shoot for the Bitch magazine ‘Consumed’ issue.

The photo is by Jeff Walls. Styling as well as the book and pills were made by me, the adorable cupcake was made by Andi Zeisler and the chair was on loan from Matt Pierce (Whoops! I gotta get that back to him!).

Prism in a glass

My vintner friends, Gillian and Gareth are selling their very first wine—Prism! The wine will sell on tap—at a brewpub in their home country of New Zealand. I’m excited to have designed the tap label, which was very much a collaboration with the couple.

Below, are some of the variations and other concepts for Prism. I don’t often get to work with rainbows, and as you can see, I relished the opportunity.

Here’s a toast to their new endeavor! I eagerly anticipate the development of their wine business and hope to join them along the way. Cheers!

I am Lord of the “Lord of the Rings” (books)!

Look at what my good friend, Andi, brought back from New York for me! What a beautiful set.

These editions include tell-tale 60s type with a varied baseline, fold-out maps illustrated by Tolkien, and an a lovely little slip case.